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Noga Quarter

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Apartment

Project in collaboration with:Sara Roffman, Designer.

A Writer's Soul.


This Jaffa gem was previously owned by a prominent writer and thinker of decades past. The challenge here then, was to respectfully wink at its history, and breathe in new life for the current owners. 

To keep the old, half of the floor to ceiling book shelves were preserved, as well as the original creaky wood floor. To bring in the new, a calm blue and white color palette was used floor to ceiling, allowing the natural light that flows in to create light tonal play on all the surfaces.  


Photography: Oded Smadar

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Tel Aviv-Jaffa Penthouse

Haneviim St. 

Project in collaboration with:Yaron Eldad Arch. 

Industrial - Schick  

A penthouse apartment to for a young couple with big

aspirations, who aren't afraid of the word bold. 

This apartment plan is simple to maximize limited space, 

and allow full view and access to to the outdoor areas. Its material combination of brass, wood, exposed brick and concrete, all used in large surface sweeps, give it a young edge and simultaneous mature elegance. 


3d render: Oded Smadar






תכנית פרזנתטיבית

תכנית פרזנתטיבית


Ha Melech Koresh

Tel Aviv Apartment

Sometimes -- Easy Does It

By removing half of a wall:

The crowns of the trees surrounding this city-center apartment

receive the full attention they deserve, a stream-lined connection

is created among the separate living zones, and space is utilized 

to its full potential. 

Mission accomplished. 

This project is fitted with custom designed furniture and light fixtures 

for utility, proportion and fresh accentuation. 


Photography: Roei Greenberg, Dima Shapira. 

Dima Shapira-0431

Ramat Gan Apartment

Ramat Gan

Tama 38

Being Built - As We Speak


Sometimes it's best to erase and start new...

As part of this complete residential building renovation, this apartment has been re-thought and designed  to fit the modern day needs of a young growing family. 

Its careful planning provides 4 bedrooms and

spacious public areas.


By using light & a delicate balance of materials 

the main axes of this space are defined and

utilized for storage & display. They also provide

 the clean, and graceful feel these home owners were seeking. 

Estimated Completion Summer 2016


Photography: Oded Smadar

Entry Hall Way

Entry Hall Way

Kitchen to  Living Room

Kitchen to Living Room

Light Details

Light Details


Kikar Hamedina

Living Space

A Gathering of Centuries

This furniture and lighting design based project,

centered around harmoniously combining antique Austrian 

furniture with1950's retro pieces.


To achieve this unity, whimsical fabrics were matched with strict geometry, and lighting fixtures were custom designed to accentuate and separate living and dining zones. 

The space was then framed by a careful curation from a vast

existing art collection. 

The great success of this small project is that it serves as a true testament of the colorful personalities who live here. 


Photography: Roei Greenberg 

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