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" Get rid of everything that is not essential to making a point." 

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Z'andeli Bar

Bar & Club


Project in collaboration with: Yaron Eldad Arch.

Re-envisioning The Barn - Mishmar Ha Emeck

In a kibbutz in northern Israel, in an old wheat silo the barn cliché is pushed to extreme, revamped and industrialized. 


One, sweeping idea was key in order to unite this 350 Sq meter 

space, & allow its differing functions as a dance hall, performance space, community bar and intimate gathering space to live side by side harmoniously. 

By covering 85% of wall surfaces with pine wood planques, the entire space whimsically returned to its roots. Randomly backlighting the wood strips provides an intimate atmosphere and the concrete and metal flooring choices bring the cliché into the 21st century.  


3d Render: Danna Colin


Entry Space

Rishon Le Tzion

Project in collaboration with: Shoval Shekrel Arch.

An Ode to Minimalism

On a minimal budget and with many clients to please this space is a calm 

first step home. 


The quest was to define areas within this small space, create focal points and guide the path inward. To achieve this, the ceiling was lowered in one area to enhance the height upon entry.

 A niche was carved to form a focal point strict lighting was used to define geometric lines, build depth, and enhance chosen material textures. Finally, A natural color and material palette was chosen for its calming effect. Result: a serene and dignified entry to this shared residence.


The project included: Space planning, lighting design, material and color  selection, project overview.


Photgraphy: Niri Gattamon


Chaim Arlozerov Archives 

The Labor Party of Israel

Project in Construction  

Work for: Yaron Eldad Architcets & Interior Design

Commemoration Space & Archive

A commemoration space for a man of great insight, 

a seeker of dialogue and peace among neighbors,

murdered for his liberal views, in what was perhaps Israel 

first and sadly not last political assassination. 


Arlozerov Archives Exterior
Rounded 02
EWS 02 2018
Entry 01 2018

Office Space

Central Tel-Aviv Project in collaboration with: Yaron Eldad Arch. 


Advocates Office

The Familial Office

A father - daughter lawyer firm in Central Tel - Aviv. 

A space that needed to be clean,  elegant, & reserved yet simultaneously modern and minimalist in feel. 

A simple floor plan was devised to maximize the limited city space. and monochrome solution was chosen, with touches of wood and natural

stone for warmth and elegance. 

Plan View

Plan View

Offices General View Wood Ceiling

Offices General View Wood Ceiling

Private Office

Private Office

Reception & Entry View

Reception & Entry View

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