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"The best way to predict the future is to create it" Abraham Lincoln. 


An Interactive Sculpture & Event Space

Project Partner: Veronica Aspillaga Arch.

Pratt M.S. Interior Design Program

Modular Desert Installation... 


that explores quick assembly, user influence and light mapping intended for use in the Burning Man Festival Nevada. 

Taking into consideration the harsh climate on site, need for light weight transportability, the "volunteerism"and playful nature of this event. 

Lumino seeks to harmoniously fuse with the desert landscape by day and create a dynamic light spectacle by night.

Site Analysis
Lumino Day Render
The Skeleton
The Skin
Mapping the Skin
Day Lapse
Turns to Night

Halloween Store Front 

Urban Outfitters

Exhibition Design Built Project.  Pratt M.S. Interior Design Program

Hand Crafted Display... 

Inspiration: Annie Leibovits's fantasy photography 

for Vogue. This large Broadway Avenue store front is framed 

by a looming willow tree, installed with hundreds of origami bats 

and finished with hand spun webs. The design upstages the seasonal fashion with a wink to the impending winter ahead. 

Window front 01

Window front 01

Annie Leibovits Photography

Annie Leibovits Photography

Conceptual Model

Conceptual Model

Bat Installation

Bat Installation

Broadway Store Front

Broadway Store Front

Artery - Midburn

Art Department Field Office

Built June 2016 Midburn Art Festival ©

Office & Art Instillation -

Rolled into One

Midburn is the Israeli regional Burning Man ©  Event, the core principles of which are radical self expression & community involvement. 

It is also Israel's largest art festival. 

The Artery is the artists field base, in the weeks prior to the festival. It also serves as an information center during the event. 

Built from old theater set remains and composed to tell a new story and for new purpose 

Technically this wall intended to separate the business and rest area, to allow for storage, and an informal interactive space with the incoming artists.  


Poetically, this massive diagonal line re purposed theater set remains and composed them to create a new story, and new -soon to be - memory, much like the art pieces that are presented at Midburn - present momentarily and burned to dust.

Phone booth
Installation Map
Full Wall

Wine Bar & Display


Danna Colin

Pratt M.S. Interior Design Program

Soho Flagship Store


When design meets branding meets New York City.

This project focused on the Hema brand, an "all purpose" store, with a quest to shineon Broadway. 


To do so a "Hema-Gourmet"store was envisioned, housing a whimsical bar

and wine display, to allow for slow browsing and 

momentary rest for the busy New Yorker or city visitor.

Construction Diagram 02
Floor Plan

© 2018  Danna Colin Interior Archit  |  © 2018 Designed  by  Liana Lalush

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