Renovation from A-Z 

We walk together through the entire process. Beginning by defining your needs and wishes, creating the spacial design that best suits those needs & down to the architectural details. 


We provide the constructions documents, meet with the contractors and craftsmen, & accompany you in choosing finishes, kitchens, lighting and furniture. We then oversee the building & assembly process to completion. 

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Thinking of buying a new home or renting one for a new business? 

We help define the needs with you, create a real budget and provide design schemes so you can make a sound decision on your investment. 


Renovation from A-T 

We don't break walls, nor move the building infrastructure (like the plumbing), but everything else... just about... 

Kitchen, flooring, tiles, windows, new carpentry and architectural details all as needed. We end by styling to the T. 


Cosmetic change to your home or business, with out creating any dust.

We meet for a consultation to define the needs & budget; then create a Spacial re-organization plan.


We find new colors, textures & textiles; new furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories. We accompany you on shopping days and overlook the assembly process. 


Consultation for DIY 

Design at your own pace. We help you define your needs & the following day you'll receive a " To do guide" to your mail. This document summarizes the ideas & organizes the steps to completion.


We also provide you with a detailed color and inspiration sheet for furniture, fabrics and details along with our recommendation for stores and trusted craftsmen as needed to help you realize your plan. 


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